Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nijmegen me honey!

Who's scent it is? Am I tired or are you the one called weather? It's raining again. It'll be raining till It will start to snow and it'll be raining again between and after snow and before snow as it has been raining for centuries here.
Who's gonna push the button to let us smile when we see a green light on the traffic light and move our bikes to the wet road waiting someone to look at you with a strict face, like it is your fault that it has been raining whole day.
Who will show us when we are right and when we are wrong though we feel that they are wrong while they are behaving right.
Why I write in a negative way about the thing I feel positive? Why I like being here? Why are you me with you wishing me not to think about you which is me and why it is clear to me and sounds strange to you?
I don't care! Silly post!

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